Everyone is capable of having a great voice with the right direction”

Aside from releasing music I also offer lessons both online and in person. Through my experiences in the music industry I have been lucky to have met quite a few high profile celebrity and social media influencers that I get to work with on enhancing there vocal and musical abilities. I obtained connections and experience from my long time vocal trainer Roger Love who is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on voice and speech training (www.rogerlove.com). I am here to help you gain 100% certainty that your voice will perform the way you expect and need it to. 

With me you will: 
• Learn the secret “Middle Voice” 
• Sound better with no strain 
• Learn how to breathe for singing 

30 min lesson: $85.00 
60 min lesson: $150.00

Contact me at johndefeomusic@gmail.com if you are interested.